A privacy-preserving, free and open-source Web3 wallet built for the Secret Network and Cosmos ecosystem.

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Privacy by default

Why let dApps see who you are? StarShell helps protect your identity by limiting the types of information dApps can collect about your accounts.

Works anywhere

Installs as a browser extension for desktop and mobile devices alike, giving you access to hundreds of Secret dApps no matter where you are.

Own your data

Want to download your NFT media? Export your transaction history as a spreadsheet? StarShell lets you export anything from the wallet.

Power users, rejoice!

Add dimensions to your data by adding custom tags to tokens,
accounts, sites, and contacts.

How do wallets connect to the blockchain?


To provide a reliable connection, we are operating a network of load balancers.


Behind each load balancer are a network of machines that store and sync data for the blockchain's network.


Wallets communicate with the blockchain through one of these machines, called nodes.

What is a validator?

StarShell operates a full node.
With enough combined delegations, the full node is allowed to “validate” new blocks into existence and onto the chain;
it receives a reward for doing so. As with most proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols, users who delegate to a validator
get to share in the rewards for helping secure the network.


Ability to register an alias, minimum to receive DU5T token reward.


Ability to register up to 10 aliases plus StarShell flare


Access to StarShell Priority Endpoints for high-reliability even during times of extreme network congestion


How do random websites know that I use cryptocurrencies?

Without your permission, websites you visit can see exactly which wallet extensions you have installed in your browser. This happens because wallets deliberately make themselves known to every site you ever visit, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

How does StarShell keep a low profile?

We believe in privacy by default, rather than by “opting in”. StarShell does not make itself known to strangers. Instead, websites must ask to see what wallets you have before they are able to connect.

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amounts, etc.






StarShell anonymize your account address when connecting to sites and keeping you safe.

Traditional wallets lack privacy

Every time you use a website that connects to your wallet, that site is able to view your account address and associate your IP address with your on-chain activity.

StarShell protect your identity & funds

StarShell’s Anti-doxx feature mitigates this type of “account address leak” by anonymizing your address when websites connect.

Add end-to-end
encrypted memos when
transferring tokens
to someone.

Micropayments for goods, services,
remittances and reimbursements have long been a vision
of cryptocurrencies, but the memos attached to those transactions
have never been private, until now. With Beacon, you can include encrypted
memos in your transactions to friends, associates, clients, or whomever.

Keep your online & personal
identities separate

Send and receive via your existing Twitter or Telegram handles without doxxing
your wallet address. No lockups, no QR codes, no copy/paste, no imposters accounts,
no competing for aliases; just simple tag-and-send.

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Cutting edge security

Protects against MITM attacks

StarShell exposes a unique Provider API that prevents other parties from intercepting messages between page and extension. It also prevents connections from being hijacked by XSS attacks.

Web Assembly cryptography

We compile the highly optimized and thoroughly audited libsecp256k1 C library into Web Assembly, providing constant-time and constant-memory cryptographic operations with secure deallocation; a practice that is lightyears more secure than the JS crypto libraries you'll find any other soft wallet using.

Intelligent key management

User data in memory is protected while the wallet is unlocked using short-lived hot keys with one-time pads. This makes it harder for malware to steal sensitive information from soft wallet users.

Cosigner (keys split between phone and desktop)

Not everyone has access to hardware wallets, but don't let your computer become a single point of failure. Splitting soft wallet keys across two devices means that even if your computer is compromised, your funds will still be safe.

Shamir's Secret Sharing (SLIP 0039)

Create arbitrarily complex sharing schemes to backup your mnemonic into multiple groups, with multiple shares per group, setting any threshold you want for recovery. Learn more about SLIP-0039

Hardware-backed accounts

StarShell supports Ledger devices as well as WebAuthn-compatible USB security keys such as the Yubikey 5 Series for both authenticating and signing.


This feature has not yet been revealed in the interest of protecting our intellectual property while we continue developing the wallet.

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Development Roadmap

Development roadmap

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